Buying a new home is one of the most important transactions that will take place in your life. It’s a big decision and it’s easy to get nervous thinking about all the things that might go wrong. To put yourself at ease you should always ensure a Home Warranty is a part of the purchase.

What does a home warranty do?


Give you peace of mind

The last thing you need to be worrying about after making an offer on a property is all the things that could possibly go wrong. Having a home warranty in place can protect you from expensive and unexpected repairs to the property that may occur in the future. If you are a first-time buyer without the savings to be able to fix any emergency issues this is particularly helpful in putting your mind at ease


Reliable service

If something does go wrong you don’t have to worry about tracking down a contractor, you can trust. Your home warranty company will take care of all that, sending out one of their trusted and professional contractors to fix the issues. If you’re not a particularly ‘handy’ person this can be a big weight off, knowing that the person fixing the issue can be trusted and it won’t just break again in another few months.


Protection for years to come

Home Warranty plans can differ they normally cover you for the first year after your purchase but if you speak to your realtor they will be able to ensure that it is upgraded covering you year after year.
Many plans even offer varying payment options, so you can cover the cost in monthly installments, giving you a manageable way to keep your home protected from any unforeseen emergencies.

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