First Time Home Buyers?

One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is buyingtheir first home. Whatever obstacle thought to be in the way of your first homepurchase can be expertly handled by us. We are able to assist you inpinpointing any problems and answering all your questions..


Some of the Challenges for First Time Home Buyers

First-time buyers who want their very own home usually haveno problem with the monthly payments. The main challenge taking the first stepinto the real estate market is saving for the down payment and affording theclosing costs. These significant up-front costs are often what get in the wayof anyone thinking of obtaining a mortgage. The good news is there are quite afew schemes and assistance programs that are available for first-time buyerswho meet the minimum credit score requirements:

  • 100% No-Money-Down Home Buyers Loan
  • NC Housing Finance Agency $15,00 Bond Loan
  • The House Charlotte Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • USDA No-Down-Payment Programs


The 100% No-Money-Down Home Buyers Loan

This loan type is the most popular choice for qualifiedfirst-time home buyers. It offers a ‘no cash down’ purchase loan which actuallymay be a more viable option for you than a Down Payment Assistance Program.
Many of our customers have preferred this purchase loan to anyother. It is a true Zero Down Payment Program that is more flexible than otherloans or programs.


NC Housing Finance Agency $15,00 Bond Loan

This State Bond Program is for the assistance of home buyers inthe North Carolina and Charlotte areas. It provides up to $15,000 for your downpayment if you are an eligible first-time home buyer.
It comes in the form of a 5-year deferred second mortgage,loaned at 0% interest. If you stay in your purchased home for at least 5-years,the loan can be forgiven.


The House Charlotte Down Payment Assistance Programs

This program is available from both state and local agencies. Ithelps you with your first home purchase as it provides you with down paymentassistance. To qualify, you are required to not have owned a home in the lastthree years and not be currently on a home title deed.


USDA No-Down-Payment Programs

Also called the United States Department of Agriculture RuralDevelopment Guaranteed Housing Loan Program, applies to all eligible Departmentof Agriculture properties that are for sale in Charlotte and its surroundingareas..
The good news for USDA buyers and sellers is that the demand forhomes in these areas continue to grow as the communities are located insuburban areas rated as the most desirable around. We can help place you inthese lovely suburbs surrounded by friendly neighbors and key lifestyleamenities where you will be eligible for USDA loan assistance.


You are Eligible with a Less than Perfect Credit

Many can obtain first time home ownership, even with a less thanperfect credit score. Most of these programs require a minimum credit rating of 620 or above. If your score is lower, we can help you source an agency that cango over your credit score and help you dispute with any inaccuracies that maybe the cause.
Lenders are usually very understanding about legitimate problemsthat led to a lower credit score, such as late payments because of illnesses.The agencies will help gather the valid explanations and submit them, alongwith a written report.
We are always contactable to put you, the first-time buyer, onthe fastest track to the best benefits and loans that are available to youtoday.

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